IDO Kielce dance hip hop break dance electric boogie

Start fee, organizer’s bank account for payments in EURO


Świętokrzyski Club Dance and Dance Sport JUMP
Ul. Żytnia 1 / 25-018 Kielce
Person in charge:
President Waldemar Kęćko


Licenses IDO and start books

Licences IDO and Start Books according IDO rules.

Start fee

The organizer will charge fees in accordance with IDO Rules in amount of  € 20 per person Start Fee

Fees and start payments must be made by bank transfers to Organizer’s valid bank account for payments in EURO:
Name of account holder: Świętokrzyski Klub Tańca i Tańca Sportowego JUMP
Account number: 72 1240 1372 1978 0010 3799 5899

Bank Name: Bank Pekao S.A.
Organizer’s  Postal Address:25-019 Kielce, ul. Żytnia 1 / 22
Bank’s postal address: 25-301 Kielce, ul. Sienkiewicza 18
IBAN: PL 72 1240 1372 1978 0010 3799 5899

For all of the charges organizer shall provide appropriate receipts / bills. Such receipts will be issued in accordance with international accounting standards. All payments will be possible only by transferring the money to the organizer’s account, due to the lack of a terminal for handling payment cards.

Organizer’s  office

Organizer’s office for championships matters, in Championships Hall during the championships will be located near the entrance in Hala Legionów in Leszka Drogosza 2.
Championship organizer’s office In organizational matters before the championships, please contact Mr Waldemar Kęćko or people designated by him.


Entry Tickets

Participants have free

Tickets Spectactors

Children  to 5 years-oldfree entry
Adults, seniors, children over 5 years of age1 day entry 5 euro, 5 days entry 12 euro